Areas We License

Looking at becoming an Authorised Representative or Registered Financial Advisor? We can help! AFSL Holdings is an Australian Financial Services Licensee that deals with and advises individuals and organisations in various asset classes. Our expert guidance doesn’t end at initial compliance. Instead, we provide ongoing maintenance to ensure you are supported throughout your entire journey with us.

Financial services that we license .


Insurance Services Licensing

AFSL Holdings licenses insurance-related businesses, including Life Insurance, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), Income Protection, and Critical Illness (Trauma).

Share Trading

Share Trading Services Licensing

AFSL Holdings are all about helping you accumulate more wealth through shares. We provide comprehensive analysis and trading tools to help you buy and sell shares, expand your SMSF, perform indirect share investments and more.


Superannuation Services Licensing

With the help of AFSL Holdings, you can continue to provide a broad spectrum of advisory services including the sharing of product advice on superannuation and SMSF’s. We will ensure you have the knowledge and support needed to comply with all superannuation related legislations.

Forex and Derivatives

Forex and Derivatives Services Licensing

Foreign exchange (FX or Forex) is a highly complex method of investing that requires specialist knowledge, extensive research, and a Forex license to trade. AFSL Holdings provides specialised support to advisors with our extensive FX market knowledge, trading experience and clever formulas for organising your foreign exchange.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning Services Licensing

AFSL Holdings is a financial planning licensee that can help you gain control of your income, investments, and expenses for a brighter and more robust economic future. We license financial planning service businesses in the forex, insurance, share trading and superannuation sectors.

Financial Advice

Financial Advice Services Licensing

AFSL Holdings license financial advisory businesses in the property and share transaction sector. As an Australian financial services licensee, we can offer expert advice, tools and training to help you manage a successful practice and put the needs of your clients first.

How we license your financial services company .

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