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AFSL Holdings is a national financial services licensee. We make all recommendations and advice on a thorough knowledge of our client’s goals, objectives, financial situation, and ability to sustain financial risk. Our focus is always on you and your objectives.

What We Do

Our team base our investment recommendations on quality, researched products and provides recommendations for appropriate and affordable insurance cover. AFSL Holdings specializes in providing objective financial advice to families who desire to create long term wealth utilizing a number of strategies and techniques where appropriate to help achieve this objective.

We only recommend an investment to you after considering its suitability for your individual investment objectives, financial situation and needs. Our advisory service will include ongoing reviews of your financial situation, your progress towards goal achievement, your portfolio performance, insurance needs and any new goals or objectives you may have.

AFSL Holdings is 100% committed to you. We are constantly going above and beyond with ongoing support and mentoring for clients and helping advisers diversify their service offerings.

Areas We License

Looking at becoming an Authorised Representative or Registered Financial Advisor? We can help! AFSL Holdings is an Australian Financial Services Licensee that deals with and advises individuals and organisations in various asset classes. Our expert guidance doesn’t end at initial compliance. Instead, we provide ongoing maintenance to ensure you are supported throughout your entire journey with us.


Insurance Services Licensing

AFSL Holdings licenses insurance-related businesses, including Life Insurance, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), Income Protection, and Critical Illness (Trauma).

Share Trading

Share Trading Services Licensing

AFSL Holdings are all about helping you accumulate more wealth through shares. We provide comprehensive analysis and trading tools to help you buy and sell shares, expand your SMSF, perform indirect share investments and more.


Superannuation Services Licensing

With the help of AFSL Holdings, you can continue to provide a broad spectrum of advisory services including the sharing of product advice on superannuation and SMSF’s. We will ensure you have the knowledge and support needed to comply with all superannuation related legislations.

Forex and Derivatives

Forex and Derivatives Services Licensing

Foreign exchange (FX or Forex) is a highly complex method of investing that requires specialist knowledge, extensive research, and a Forex license to trade. AFSL Holdings provides specialised support to advisors with our extensive FX market knowledge, trading experience and clever formulas for organising your foreign exchange.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning Services Licensing

AFSL Holdings is a financial planning licensee that can help you gain control of your income, investments, and expenses for a brighter and more robust economic future. We license financial planning service businesses in the forex, insurance, share trading and superannuation sectors.

Financial Advice

Financial Advice Services Licensing

AFSL Holdings license financial advisory businesses in the property and share transaction sector. As an Australian financial services licensee, we can offer expert advice, tools and training to help you manage a successful practice and put the needs of your clients first.

Financial Advice

Financial Planning

Forex and Derivatives

Insurance Capabilities

Share Trading


Our Process .

Flexible Fee Models

Eligibility Check

Gather Requirements

Application & Fees


Why Work With Us .

Flexible Fee Models
AFSL Holdings provide a range of tailored fee options that cater for different services, stages of business and business sizes. Depending on your needs and circumstance, we will devise a responsive fee arrangement that is suitable to all parties involved.
Approved Product List (APL)
An APL is a curated list of financial products that have undergone due diligence to gain a formally recognised verification. For advisors, APL’s help you provide higher quality products, reduce the risk of sharing incorrect information to clients, and is a form of risk management when providing financial product advice.
Centralised Approach
At AFSL Holdings, a solid team base is what allows us to function at our best. Our 'shared-mind' approach makes us more innovative and efficient for our clients and thriving as a company. A centralised approach to business means quicker decision making, efficient team coordination, and a streamlined practice and procedure implementation company wide.
Commercially Minded
We are a commercially minded team that focus on more than what's right in front of us. We are experts in a niche and like to expand our attention to what's happening around us in the broader financial marketplace and industry climate. This allows us to speculate intelligently about the future and develop well-informed verdicts for our clients.
AFSL Holdings are continually implementing the latest technology to ensure a leading service. These technologies provide us with the innovations needed to assist businesses and practices in being licensed. We offer strategic financial solutions that are adaptable and tailored to your circumstances.
CPD + Education
AFSL Holdings is committed to professional development. As a licensee, we offer our Authorised Representatives online Continued Professional Development (CPD) training to ensure they are always updated with the latest industry expertise. AFSL Holdings has partnered up with Kaplan Professional and combines state-of-the-art technology and extensive expertise to provide Representatives with tailored adviser training plans, presentations, and workshops to meet their learning needs.
Service + Support
AFSL Holdings license both single adviser practices to large corporations. Our client support doesn't stop at just the initial compliance stage. Instead, we provide you with ongoing counsel throughout your entire journey with us.
We have an outstanding compliance history and an excellent track record and reputation with representatives. We provide comprehensive compliance support to our clients, ensuring they are protected from various financial compliance breaches, including financial crime, systematic risks, market manipulation and moral threats. AFSL Holdings provide ongoing maintenance to support beyond initial compliance and throughout your entire journey with us.

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