About AFSL Holdings .

Our Vision .

Combining expertise, support, and innovation to assist businesses and practices in being licensed under a regulated Financial Services License via an Authorized Representative or Registered Financial Adviser. Our prerogative is to provide compliant structuring, advice, and expert guidance to help provide value to their business and to their clients.

Who We Are .

AFSL Holdings holds an Australian Financial Services License and is a privately owned and operated Australian company. We are an experienced, leading Australian Financial Services Licensee with a wealth of knowledge to advise and support Corporate Authorised Representatives since 2015. Solution based, our expertise and experience in running a compliant AFSL and financial planning practice is what gives us an edge.

We work with you to pave out the right, unique pathway for your own practice. Can you see the advantages of holding your own Australian Financial Services License but are still concerned about the challenges of acquiring it and maintaining the costs of compliance? This is where AFSL can step in and guide you. We are ASIC compliant.

We assist you to ensure that your business meets the standards required to be licensed including training, compliance, insurance and dispute resolution. Our team makes the process simple and painless, so that you can leave the heavy lifting to us.

What We Do .

We make all recommendations and advice on a thorough knowledge of its client’s goals, objectives, financial situation, and ability to sustain financial risk. We base our investment recommendations on quality, researched products and provides recommendations for appropriate and affordable insurance cover. AFSL Holdings specializes in providing objective financial advice to families who desire to create long term wealth utilizing several strategies and techniques where appropriate to help achieve this objective.

We are not legal professionals. However, we will work with your legal adviser to meet your estate planning needs.

We only recommend an investment to you after considering its suitability for your individual investment objectives, financial situation and needs. Our advisory service will include ongoing reviews of your financial situation, your progress towards goal achievement, your portfolio performance, insurance needs and any new goals or objectives you may have.

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