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Fintech Tools

Optimise your business with the latest fintech tools. Your future with AFSL Holdings favours your advantage in utilising operational technology by unlocking the door to paraplanning, tax strategies, and management software.

Educational Resources

AFSL Holdings provides ongoing support throughout your journey with us. We work towards amplifying your knowledge with CPD advisor training, training webinars, access to workshops, resources to financial literacy, and materials in decision making.

Transparency and Trust

Our business operates under streamline client interaction. An accessible pathway for communication enables our responsible customer support team to assist you with an onboarding process and upholding clear fee structures.

Leading Marketing Approach

Leave a lasting impact on consumers with our digital marketing solutions to captivating branding, original websites, and strategic advertising, boosting your business and maximising client reach.



Looking at becoming an Authorised Representative or Registered Financial Advisor? We can help! Providing expert guidance on initial compliance and on-going maintenance is our forte. To ensure you receive unmatched support throughout your journey, we deal and advise in the following asset classes:

Financial Advice

Through our financial advisory licensees in the property and share transaction departments, we can offer expert advice, tools, and training to help manage a successful practice and put your clients first.

Financial Planning

As a financial planning licensee, AFSL Holdings can help you gain control of your income, investments, and expenses for a brighter and more robust economic future.

Forex and Derivatives

Foreign exchange (FX or Forex) is a highly complex method of investing that requires specialist knowledge, extensive research, and a Forex license to trade. AFSL Holdings provides specialised support to advisors with our extensive FX market knowledge, trading experience and practical formulas for organising your foreign exchange.

Insurance Capabilities

With a tight network of expert advisors, AFSL Holdings can provide a safety net in cases where life doesn’t go as planned. We offer life insurance, total and permanent disability (TPD), income protection, and critical illness (trauma).

Share Trading

At AFSL Holdings, we are all about helping you accumulate more wealth through shares. We provide comprehensive analysis and trading tools to help you buy and sell shares, expand your SMSF, perform indirect share investments, and more.


With the help of AFSL Holdings, you can continue to provide a broad spectrum of advisory services including the sharing of product advice on superannuation and SMSFs. We will ensure you have the knowledge and support needed to comply with all superannuation related legislations.

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Gain Expert Guidance on Initial Compliance and On-Going Maintenance


AFSL Holdings

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Holistic Service

Proactive approach across your financial services needs and tailoring personal solutions one-on-one

Digital Operations & Solutions

A modern, digital approach to your operational and administrative needs that targets industry inefficiencies

Expert Advisory Team

Innovative advisors who provide expert guidance and decision-making support based on experience and practice, not just theory

Strategic Business Development

Develop strategies that streamline for efficiencies and optimise client engagement, helping you reach your business goals

Pragmatic and Ethical Approach

Outstanding compliance history, and excellent track record, we pride ourselves on our practical and honest approach with clients, representatives, and stakeholders.

Simplified Fee Structure

No hidden costs, ever

Revolutionise Your Financial Business

Unlock Your Financial Business Potential with AFSL Holdings



With an outstanding track record for providing unparalleled support to clients throughout their entire journey with us, AFSL Holdings are looking to work efficiently, effectively, and honestly with the best leaders of our industry and maintain an exceptional status of providing high-tech solutions that make your life easier.

Financial Advisors and Planners

AFSL Holdings offers consistent advice and guidance for financial advisors. Efficient licensing, compliance, and expert support empower advisors to focus on delivering clients the best possible financial advice, building their reputation and trust in the industry.

Securities and Stockbrokers

AFSL Holdings can help ensure that your business is compliant with ASIC rules and regulations, whilst operating in an ethical manner. We help manage all operational compliance, allowing you to focus on your business and clientele.

Foreign Exchange (FOREX) Traders

FOREX traders have been able to free up their time, focusing on relevant market news and less time on maintaining bureaucratic regulations. Our team will ensure you maintain compliance, enhancing your credibility within the industry and ultimately expanding your brand.

Superannuation Advisors

Our services allow you to maintain reliable, consistent results for client’s superannuation and retirement accounts. AFSL Holding’s ethical advice provides you with personalised support and industry expertise in accruing and complying with ASIC.

Credit Providers and Brokers

AFSL Holdings simplifies the regulatory process in obtaining compliance with ASIC for credit providers and brokers. Our streamlined processes, operational excellence, and industry expertise provide you with the confidence to conduct business ethically and transparently.

Debt Management Companies

With AFSL Holdings’ services, you will be able to better manage your company by shifting the regulatory needs of the business to experts who understand the compliance industry. This will allow you to maintain a strong, credible brand while minimising your responsibilities.

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Where Compliance Meets Innovation


Preliminary Meeting

Conducting a preliminary meeting to understand the requirements for obtaining an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL)

Assessing Corporate Structure

Analysing the corporate structure of the business to assess its suitability for obtaining an AFSL

Documents Gathering 

Compilation and preparation, encompassing all requisite documents and supporting evidence

Compliance & Risk Management

Development of additional policies and procedures, primarily focusing on compliance and risk management obligations mandated by ASIC

Access to AFSL

Access and utilisation of the AFSL under the AFSL Holdings

Ongoing Support

Consistent monitoring and review of the business operations, addressing any complaints that may arise



With the ability to work closely with professionals in advising and corporate structuring, debt management, and tax minimisation strategies, our clients and representatives benefit from the best advice tailored to their approach. A boutique firm with a not so boutique reach; our clients and representatives are our family.


Become a part of the expanding community of businesses aligning with AFSL Holdings. Join us today and experience the benefits of a strategic partnership that propels growth and success.

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